About me

I’m a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University, advised by Professor George Hripcsak and David Blei. My research focuses on developing machine learning methods for causal inference with electronic health records.

Before my PhD, I completed a master’s degree at Harvard advised by Professor Giovanni Parmigiani and a bachelor’s degree at Boston University advised by Professor Ulla Hansen. I also worked at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. as a research scientist in the drug discovery group.

Here is my CV.

You can reach me at linying [dot] zhang [at] columbia [dot] edu or on Twitter.


11/14/2020-11/18/2020: Attending virtual AMIA 2020.
12/08/2019-12/14/2019: Attending NeurIPS, Vancouver, Canada.
11/13/2019-11/16/2019: Attending AMIA, Washington, D.C., USA.

Publications & Preprints

The Medical Deconfounder: Assessing Treatment Effects with Electronic Health Records.
L. Zhang, Y. Wang, A. Ostropolets, J.J. Mulgrave, D.M. Blei, and G. Hripcsak.
In Proceedings of the 4th Machine Learning for Healthcare Conference, volume 106 of Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, pages 490-512, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2019.

Evaluating reinforcement learning algorithms in observational health settings.
O. Gottesman, F. Johansson, J. Meier, J. Dent, D. Lee, S. Srinivasan, L. Zhang, Y. Ding, D. Wihl, X. Peng, J. Yao, I. Lage, C. Mosch, L.H. Lehman, M. Komorowski, A. Faisal, L. Celi, D. Sontag, F. Doshi-Velez.
Arxiv preprint, 2018. [PDF]

Selected Presentations & Posters

L. Zhang, Y. Wang, A. Ostropolets, J.J. Mulgrave, D.M. Blei, and G. Hripcsak. The Medical Deconfounder: Assessing Treatment Effect with Electronic Health Records. Machine Learning for Health Workshop. Vancouver, Canada. 2019.
L. Zhang, M.K. Samur, R. Szalat, C.B. Epstein, R. Prabhala, M. Fulciniti, N.C. Munshi, G. Parmigiani. Interactions between multiple myeloma cells and bone marrow stromal cells impact epigenetic profiles of multiple myeloma. Program in Quantitative Genomics Conference. Boston, MA. 2017.


Computational Methods. Columbia University. Spring 2020.
Computer Applications in Health Care & Biomedicine. Columbia University. Fall 2019.
Principles of Biostatistics I&II. Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health. Summer 2017.